Late August Mind Dump

What a great day to be alive:  Sun shining.  Weather sweet.  Birds chirping.  Grass fresh.  Ants building.  Leaves blowing.  It's a late August morning and there are so many uncertainties . And even more  unknowns with pain and vulnerability so closely attached.  I feel open. Susceptible to the elements of earth and life. Unguarded . Terribly fragile. Scared. And yet so free.  Only God knows my future and it's only scary because I can't see. The giants in my head are truly small when pitted against the grand scheme of things. I will take this time given to me and decide what I want from my life.  I will learn, unlearn, prioritize, manage, and trust. Butterfly kisses and Lavendar tea, Danie

Rush Hour Traffic

Below is a story, a collection of thoughts that formed as I sat in rush-hour traffic for what seemed like forever. An elderly woman taking her time in the midst of our "rush-hour" inspired me. This piece came out of that inspiration and I am grateful...  During rush hour traffic. An old woman set herself to cross the street at the intersection. Some unassuming good soul was the first car to stop. In order not to seem more inhumane than the next city dweller, the other cars stopped forming a courteous and polite line as the woman shuffled into the street.  Plastered half smiles quickly turned into impatient stares that drilled holes into the woman's back deeper than memories. As the cars piled up and the faces tightened it was evident that all plans and deadlines were to bow down to the small elderly woman .  Everyone who sat waiting for her to cross saw her and though few may have recognized it at the time, they also saw what she represented.  Behind the sunglasses and im

End of the Year: General Reflections

Hey, ya'll!   It’s the end of another year: a time to evaluate, a time to recuperate, a time to reflect.  I find that I am still working through  1) forgiveness,  2) making mistakes,  3) being bold while maintaining respect for myself and others,   4 ) accepting where I am in life πŸ’ͺ, and 5 ) breaking bad routines that can be comfort zones in times of frustration ...  You know, the usual stuff . The essential stuff πŸ’­. The things God is always dealing with me on; just on another level. Phase II (The Grown Up Edition) , if you will.  I'm considering what life will be like next year 🌺. What it will be like 10 years from now? Who will I be? Where will I live? What relationships will I have and what is the quality of them? What wisdom will I attain and be actively living out? What feats will I have accomplished? Bring it back to the now. Today, just days before New Year's Eve 2021: What can I do today to make my life what I want it to be?

Everybody Doesn't Deserve Your Vulnerability πŸ“Œ

Everybody doesn't deserve your vulnerability ❌. It's just not emotionally safe.  Sadly, there are people who, either knowingly or unknowingly , will use your vulnerability as ammunition against you.  Let me be clear: the ability to be honest, vulnerable AND able to articulate one's self are assets . However, these qualities must be used wisely . Honest vulnerability shouldn't be thrown haphazardly into any situation.  It works in one's favor when you can be honest and vulnerable without letting yourself get carried off with waves of emotions and feelings.  Reins need to be put on our emotions. Vulnerability is a wonderful trait to have. Vulnerability helps break down barriers with people, be relatable, and build meaningful relationships.   Expressing emotions are a good way to relate and empathize with people. We cannot, however, lead with emotions. No one knows the fullness of you, your situation, or your past experiences other than you and God.  Everybody doesn&#

If Revolution Was a Recipe...

Happy Juneteenth everybody!   Happy life. Happy hearts and happy spaces! This collection of words is a poem I wrote. If I may say, it is perfect for the time we're in and written for such a time as this. " If Revolution was a recipe , what would the ingredients be?  8 cups of love .  4 tablespoons of peace .  3 spoonfuls of kindness and a bottle of increase . 1/4 cup of truth .  3 teaspoons of light .  3 cups of empathy .  2 tablespoons of insight .  1 can of humility .  In true Revolution, arrogance and pride won't last. Classism would be erased, discarded, and bypassed. Everybody would shine . Be a part of gratitude and a part of giving . Healthcare, equal education, and no more broken-living . Accessible therapists for the hurting . Mandatory life-coaching and skills training for the meek . If Revolution was a recipe , LIFE would be sweet ."


Have you ever sat and looked at waves washing and leaving the shore? Serene motions. I leave feeling calm and charged. An awesome side-effect of what nature offers. Did you know that those waves transmit energy? Scientists even believe that waves can transmit energy without the water moving. Even if it's a new wave, it's the same water. Kinda like a "same soup just reheated" type of thang.   On the surface, you can't tell which water is in what spot. When there's a new wave we assume there's new water with it. We don't realize the same water is just moving up and down. Ebb and flow . Eventually water will mov e, but according to experts, the energy can travel a long distance before the water moves out of its place. When we exert a bunch of energy trying to force things to happen, it may seem like things are moving on the surface,  but the water of life moves when it moves.  There are factors that can assist in movement, like the wind that create

Ode to Writing.

Release tension . In the morning seems to be best, but midday and evening prove beneficial also. To release. To let go. Loosen and Reflect. Reflection. "Pre"-flection. Introspection. Perfect Health . Even and Organic. Free-flow thinking is good for the soul. And my soul benefits best when I write: thoughts, pain, joy, opinions. As long as I write it's good for me. Like a refreshing glass of water or the crisp morning air of a hot summer day, there is something magical a writer feels after the "writing" is complete. Like a light breeze. A pleasing scent. Writing is my life blood and I am off balance without it. Some people need coffee, some need the morning news, some need yoga, and some music. Me? I must write. Like soul vitamins and soul minerals. Essential. It is my God connection. So for someone to have such a striking realization one would think that I'd write all of the time, no question about it. Well, I don't. I don't know if it'

Human Nature πŸƒ

Imperfections are natural. We are all a part of nature. Nature is beautiful. Still, there is a very real, sometimes unpleasant and unattractive, uncultivated side of nature. It is quite the opposite of the aesthetically polished pictures that come to mind when someone mentions a waterfall cascading magically into a babbling brook. Nature in its untouched glory isn't sanitized. It isn't deodorized. When nature is untouched it isn't perfectly trimmed and well manicured. It is RAW, PURE, and BEAUTIFUL. Quite opposite of the commercialized view of clean white beaches with clear blue waters. Nature is serene yes, but is still so full of strength  and passion . Nature produces scents that are sweet as well as scents that are awful and offensive. We are all a part of nature just like the rippling creek. And just like nature, WE ARE A FINE BALANCE of beauty, delight, disgust, and bliss. There are many sides to us all🌺. It could be called a crime to expect us natural bei

Honoring Elders.

There are a lot of buzz phrases that have been popularized. One of them is "honoring your ancestors" . The phrase has been around in sub-communities for ages. This notion has gained momentum and is now very much in vogue among us millennials 🌌. Some people honor ancestors by praying to them , pouring libations, lighting white candles, dedicating successes and achievements to them, making altars, and holding "services" for them. While recognizing our ancestry and acknowledging where we come from has its place, it's important that we spend time with the elders we have in our lives now . Life is so busy. It's easy for us to look at our schedule and to think that we don't have time to bring that aging aunt some strawberries, to carry that relative in the nursing home some flowers, or to go "sit" with our grandfather while he watches TV. Okay, to go sit with someone who may not hear very well, probably has a fuzzy memory, keeps on reminding y

You So Darn Vibey πŸ’›

The stage you're in NOW is optimal for your season. YES. This stage. The NOW with all the mess, all the mishaps, all the shouldas, and all the shouldn'tas. What if it will all make sense with a retrospective view? Fly butterfly πŸƒ. Don't be SO caught up in the DETAIL details because the  vibey-est you-moments are carefree πŸ’›. The vibey-est you-moments are free from perfection πŸ’›. The vibey-est you-moments smell of fresh dirt and sunsets πŸ’›.  It may be tempting to romanticize about the NOW when time ushers you into the THEN. Because in the THEN you'll have your own set of obstacles for THAT part of life. BY GOLLY HOPEFULLY though, in that moment, you can focus on THE ACTUAL MOMENT.  Smell it. Taste it. Revel in it. Thank God for it. We are constantly changing and we should be constantly challenging ourselves to become better versions of ourselves.  But darnet step light. Some seasons REQUIRE THAT ONLY.  No need to stomp for fear that folks won't know you're